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Creating your first campaign with Retailtower

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2012 03:38PM WET
  • Log in to your account. On the welcome page click "Click here to begin" button. This will take you to your dashboard

  • On your dashboard, you can update your inventory as well as lunch feed campaign.

  • Update your inventory: Click this button if you have added new products or edited your products in your store.
  • Select inventory import option. Option 1; "Always import new inventory", this option imports fresh copy of your inventory. your will loose your saved categoriszation with this option. Option 2: "Always refresh my current inventory" This refreshes your inventory with what you have on your store. it is recommended if you have updated your products info and added few products. You will not loose your saved categorization.Click on the "Update settings" button to save. Then "Fetch inventory" button to fetch. 

  • After saving, head back to the feedmanager to lunch new campaign. Select desired channel and continue.

  • This will take you to the Feedmanager panel where you will see all your imported products in a spread sheet(grid). Here you can Categorize your product with customized category wizard for each channel, do a search and replace of certain text on the grid and do advance insertion

  • Categorize your products: Select product(s) => click the category wizard => Put products into categories and subcategories. Then click save.

  • Search and Replace: This is done if you wish to change a word in your product info to another. example Nintendo to Nintendo Wii. You will click Search/Replace button, Select the heading you want to search and replace eg desciption, then enter the search term and replace with term.

  • After that SAVE your FEED

  • Goto to settings > channel settings and select the prefered channel.

  • On the selected channel page. select transfer mode. and save settings.For FTP option make sure you have correctly inputed the ftp details given to you by the channel. for http method, copy the generated link and supply to your channel.

  • Head back to the Dashboard to submit your feed. For ftp method, click in the submit button. For http method, copy the link and submit to the channel.
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